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The grip on the cigarette is anchored as a behavioral pattern deep in the subconscious. As a result, smokers automatically pick up a cigarette when they are in a stressful situation, pour themselves a cup of coffee or work concentrated. Even if the will and the motivation to quit are good conditions to get rid of the cigarette, they are by no means sufficient. A harmful behavioral pattern, which is created in the subconscious, can only be resolved there and replaced by a new, positive pattern. This is where hypnotherapy starts with smoking cessation. In a relaxed, light trance state, the subconscious mind opens and is receptive to new things. With personalized suggestions, you tell your subconscious mind how you want to change your old behavior pattern, namely the grip on the cigarette, from now on. The craving for the cigarette is not simply suppressed. Rather, you resolve the unwanted behavior patterns permanently in the subconscious. This is also the reason why smoking cessation with hypnosis is so successful and why most smokers find it easy to. Thank you to Smoke Guru for helping us with this article.


Mode of action of hypnosis

Now hypnosis comes into play: there are many positive memories and feelings associated with the cigarette. With each move you experience it as relaxation again. The result: you were better at smoking. The cigarette does not contain any positive memories and feelings. They only experienced it again. Your subconscious mind does not care if you experience this relaxation through smoking or any other behavior. The hypnosis for smoking cessation links the positive memories and feelings of the cigarette with the breathing. You can automatically with every breath become more balanced, so that the desire can become superfluous. From now on, you can work together to create a smokeless future.
The hypnosis quit smoking using both suggestion techniques and behavioral concepts. Your subconscious mind learns to quit smoking strategies because you know how to do it. The necessary motivation , the perseverance and the course for the future refusal to cigarette are abilities that have to be activated subconsciously or have to be learned first, so that your way as a non-smoker with the hypnosis is possible at all and then just for you to go.

Requirements to quit smoking with hypnosis

In addition to the requirements for hypnosis applies: let you be the hypnosis one, be emotionally stable and mentally healthy, you make the decision binding and permanently cease to want. During hypnosis we can firmly root that decision in your subconscious mind. It can help you stay smoke free as long as you keep your decision. You may need to look into London Stop Smoking Services.

Expiry of smoking cessation

At the beginning, we go back to the time when you were non-smoker, never smoked. You take this freedom and independence with you and let me accompany you. From now on, you can consciously let go. I’ll tell you the strategies you need to stop smoking, much is very pictorially spoken. Your subconscious mind can absorb and implement it so well for you. In the end, you come back relaxed. Now your way begins as a nonsmoker.

After the hypnosis to the nonsmoker

They stop smoking right after the hypnosis. You must stay abstinent if you want to be permanently smoke free. The first few days after smoking cessation are the time of conversion. You may want to set up your everyday life differently, have more time and place yourself next to smoker. It will probably be unfamiliar to you.

Risk: withdrawal symptoms

For a few clients, after the hypnosis for smoking cessation occurred physical withdrawal symptoms. Mostly with very heavy smokers with two or more packs of cigarettes a day, these can be dampened after consultation with your family doctor by medication. It is important to hold out. After a few days, the new behavior can be almost self-evident, so that you only need to follow your decision. You do not take through the stop smoking with hypnosis to. But only if you would eat more. You can consciously counteract this by reducing stress more positively. Hypnosis sets a foundation of feeling in advance that balances your inner life so that only a few customers increase.